7 Reasons To Start A Podcast In 2020
By giving your audience an option to listen to you while they are working out, cleaning the house or commuting to work you increase the chances they'll consume the content you are producing.

1. Podcasts are growing like crazy.

 This meteoric rise in podcast consumption would not be happening if people didn’t like listening to them! The market always wins and the market has spoken. So give them what they want! 

2. Build your public speaking muscles.

I can hear you already…”I don’t want to do any public speaking!” I am a mind reader sometimes. 🙂

When I say public speaking it doesn’t necessarily mean you are on stage in front of a crowd delivering a talk. What I mean is that you are a media company and you need to get comfortable with putting your message out into the world. Whether that is live events or through video content – the skillset is the same. The more comfortable you get the more opportunity will flow your way!

3. Build your brand.

You hear the word brand all the time but I think people struggle with what it really means. I have found it is helpful to think about brand as reputation. 

4. Allow people to consume your content on their terms.

Two points here….

Content format and platforms: Written, audio and video – those are the options we have to reach our audience today. If we are not distributing content in all those formats on the various platforms that people consume information we are missing out on getting in front of the people we want to.

Time: The great equalizer. We have the same amount of time as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and the POTUS. Many people consume podcasts when driving, cleaning the house, working out, etc. Give your audience the chance to multitask like this – it may be the only way they can ‘find the time’ to give you a little attention.

5. Learn how to interview someone.

There are a whole bunch of reasons to interview someone for your podcast. What I find though is that people are hesitant to ask someone for an interview because they haven’t done it before. Well…guess what…the only way to get good at it is to start off today and let yourself off the hook if you are bad at it! Listen to a few interview style podcasts and look for some good questions or approaches and model those. Some great ones to start with are Tim Ferriss and James Altucher.

6. Get discovered on new platforms.

Let’s face it – in today’s world we need to be a bit omnipresent if we aspire to help more people tomorrow than we did today. You might be an amazing writer and have the worlds best blog but some people don’t read blogs… but they devour podcasts every single day.

7. Build community.

That’s what this is all about! Build your tribe and make an impact on them.