That little device in your pocket and the internet have changed everything! The big television networks and movie studios no longer decide what gets produced. You are the new studio - so hit record and show the world what you've got.

Just a few years ago we were at the mercy of the gatekeepers if we wanted to share our story with the world. People whose job is was to decide whether or not your story deserved to be heard. People with job like … 

1. Book Publishers

2. Movie Producers

3. Talent Scouts

4. Newspaper Editor

5. Etc…

If you weren’t ‘chosen’ by one of these people the chances of helping people outside of your local community were just about zero. The rise of social media has changed all that. We are now able to choose ourselves. To can use our unique knowledge, experience and skills and use it to put a positive dent in the world. 

Let’s decide right here and now that we are going to do whatever it takes to choose ourselves, put our best work out into the world and help as many people as we can!

A few things to think about to get your juices flowing.

1. You are a media company

You have to start thinking of yourself and your business this way. You get to write the story, control the production, edit it your way and distribute your message and your truth to the world. Such a power concept and the beauty is …all you need is that little device in your pocket and something to say!

2. You are good enough!

This is the biggest problem I see with our clients. And we empathize – it can be scary to put your ideas into the world. But we encourage you to dig deep and find the courage to share generously with the world. There are many out there that could use your help and they deserve it.

3. Think about what mediums make sense for you.

Some people are great in front of the video camera. Some people are great at writing. Think about where your strengths lie and focus on those to get started. You can always grow into different mediums later as you gain confidence in sharing your message with the world.

5. Keep practicing and publishing!

It is OK if all your content starts out out terrible. That is where everybody starts. Your message is worth spreading. Keep at it and you will find your voice and your community!

Let us know where you spread your ideas so we can follow along!