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Testimonials From Our Clients

Christian Yaste, Ballantyne Center for Dentistry

Christian Yaste

Ballantyne Center for Dentistry
Over the years I have juggled tons of marketing vendors and it’s no fun. Influx allows me to spend more time doing what I love – helping people with their smiles.

Michael Verlatti, ISM Connect

Michael Verlatti

ISM Connect
I have always loved the intersection of marketing, event production and technology. I have always been able to call the guys at Influx and throw anything at them. Everyone puts there heads together and just figures it out.

Lane Ostrow, Honor One & Products For Good

Lane Ostrow

Honor One & Products For Good
I always tell everyone that marketing and websites are easy…because Influx does them for me! Seriously though, we couldn’t have the impact we do on those suffering from PTSI without support from partners like Influx!

You have an important story to tell. We can help you build an audience to hear it.

We are focused on using the latest technology to help you broadcast your message to the world. You have a story to tell and people to help but it doesnโ€™t do anyone any good if you canโ€™t get that message out into the world. Our team is ready to help you craft your story and get the distribution you need to get an influx of attention.

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Episode 10: Nick Spiers On Working From Home

Episode 10: Nick Spiers On Working From Home

I am so excited to have Nick on the podcast this week. Nick has been working remotely full-time since 2014 and is a wealth of knowledge on different challenges that arise and good ways to work through them.

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